2Cubed has expanded to include a specifically tailored content writing service. As well as providing website creation and development, we now offer expert content writing and online copywriting.

2Cubed offers specialist Search Engine Optimisation in order to best maximise your Google rankings to help you appear on the first page of results. We analyse high-ranking search terms and keywords for your field of business, and integrate these into custom webpages, specifically written with your customers in mind

SEO Optimisation

Every business needs to have SEO optimised, unique custom content in order for their website to be successful. Professional, readable webpages will build your brand and ensure your company looks professional, helping you to grow your business and ensure you increase your visitor numbers and rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Getting people to your site is only half the battle, keeping them there is what counts.

Insightful, captivating content guides your early stage leads down the sales funnel. It allows them to answer all their questions on site, give your company a sense of authority and advances their purchase decision making process.

Whether you’re simply providing your business an online presence, selling products directly through your site or providing a repository of information, minimising your sites bounce rate is essential.

SEO Optomisation
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Website Content

The content our resident website content writing expert Stephen creates combines an easy to read, writing style with  SEO research, providing readers with an intriguing, insightful piece without bombarding them with a barrage of unrelated keywords. Content of this standard can help your site consistently appear in the top few results for queries relating to your industry, leading to your business occupying a position of authority in the eyes of your clientele. We use a wide range of Content Management Sytems to empower customers to manage their content after go live. You can read more here – https://2cubed.ie/why-us/content-writing/

We offer competitively priced content writing and SEO options to all our customers, meaning your new website goes live with the greatest chance of success.